And here we are…

“Learn to watch your drama unfold while at the same time knowing you are more than your drama.” – Ram Dass

Last Sunday, I stepped into an unknown world, full of fears and concerns, media cycles constantly crashing into another, and people hurting and scared. I’d been sequestered on a yoga/meditation retreat, without knowing all that had happened in a week, until we left the retreat center heading for Denver.

Jumping back into the world was anticipated to be difficult after this journey; but coming back into our current reality was….Hard. Difficult. Emotional. My heart raced, tears flooded my eyes, and I was anxious to be home. Yet I was in a shuttle bus with my new friends, heading towards a long day of travels with 2 flights through major airports. Walking into the Denver International Airport was a shock. The masses of folks trying to get home, the masks and gloves, warnings and precautions…the extra security, all was overwhelming.

Yet at that same time, I witnessed beauty.  I saw folks smiling and waving at babies and small children, others allowing those needing extra time to go ahead, no pushing, shoving, or yelling.  I had a young man pull out a chair for me when I sat at the counter for a glass of wine. An older lady held open the restroom stall door for me so I could get my backpack in without knocking it around. Folks were social distancing without asking. Everyone took an extra moment or two to be gentle with those around them…cause we’re all in this together.

I’ve seen the social media memes on resetting, on the rebounding of nature, on how families are coming closer together. I also realize the impact of the isolation on many, the frustrations at the lack of Wi-Fi connections or household drag on resources, the search for toilet paper or other goods/food, and the realness of that much togetherness. There is a yin for every yang, a shadow for every brightness.

I also realize that this is cumulative, as the longer we live under these constraints the impact on mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. This is not free will, rather this is imposed for the good of us all, and depending on the location you are in reading this, there could be additional constraints.

As the days go on, as the impacts wear on us all…know we have choices. Choices to stew in the drama, for which most of it is out of your control, or to choose to live/react differently, as that is what we can control. Knowing that you can positively impact your life or others, by reaching out, learning a new skill, taking time to breath or meditate, or simple be. Actively choosing nonattachment to the situation at hand, to lessen the impact upon our nervous systems and overall body systems. Knowing that you are not the situation, rather the situation is happening around you. Electing to have a beginner’s mind, to do something different – and seeing how that choice, the new action, impacts you to perhaps continue on after we emerge into our new world.

Republished with permission, see the original and more at Melissa’s website here. 


May we continue to stay present to the realities unfolding around us, nurturing to the emotions and reactions within us, and intentional in the choices and responses we make on behalf of our future Selves.