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Yoga: What’s The Point?

Most of us know “exercise” isn’t exactly the point of stepping onto a yoga mat (although it’s an excellent side effect). But, what IS the reason we show up over and over again, then? Yoga definitely registers high on the self care matrix for most people…but why? Most yoga practices involve mindful movement – some […]

Pro-tips for Beginning a Home Practice

One of the reasons coming in to Renkon Yoga Studio FEELS SO GOOD is this: we put a lot of thought and energy into creating a space that feels sacred for you. Consider some of these ideas to help your home yoga practice feel extra-special. CHOOSE A YOGA NOOK: This can be in a tucked-away […]

How does yoga help with stay home orders?

The idea of another month of staying home, the continuation of financial extremis and uncertainties about health and safety is a lot to bear. Without simplifying the anxiety and fear this extension is sure to carry, we want to encourage you to continue (or begin) a regular yoga practice as a form of self-care and […]

Notes from Mother Nature

We’re all basically house plants with more complicated emotions. The day before, this sweetie pie pictured above was limp with dust on its leaves way up on a high shelf that left it neglected from watering and too far from the sun. It looked “sad” and hopeless. I actually wondered if it was too far […]

The times, they ain’t easy

The times, they ain’t easy (what an understatement), but there sure are spots of sweetness blessing us in between the worries. The future is full of uncertainty. Even so, I hope none of us wait for this to be over to start living into the moments. Between the hustle and hunkering down, the mask-making and e-learning, […]

Perspectives On Social Distancing

As the temps begin warming and the sun comes out fulltime to welcome spring to our central Illinois region, we’re going to see a huge influx of people getting out in the world for some much-needed respite from sheltering in place at home. While fresh air, sunshine, and exercise/mindful movement is critical for our health, […]

It’s Not a Contest

There’s legit no contest. No one’s pain is more important. No one’s grief is more valuable. It really doesn’t matter if their struggle is harder or easier than yours. It matters not if the cards are stacked against you and someone else has better odds. (I mean, it does from a social justice perspective and […]

It’s OK

It’s ok if you’re afraid. It’s normal if you’re worried. These are heavy times. Feel what you feel. Tell a kind human what you’re feeling. Tell your journal what you’re feeling. Tell your cat what you’re feeling. Tell the wind what you’re feeling. Don’t keep it to yourself. Say it out loud. Move it to […]