How Yoga Has Changed My Life

I found yoga later in life at age 45 in 2012 when I was invited by a friend to attend class and I immediately felt at hOMe.

As a previously self-diagnosed type-A nervous nelly, I attribute yoga to the transformation of myself into a place of authenticity, acceptance, self-love, peace, and calm which I always felt curious about but didn’t know how to achieve before finding yoga.

Never had I imagined how much yoga could change my life, having such a positive impact to my mind, body, and spirit. Prior to yoga, I was one who always seemed to fight the current, swimming against it. But, after yoga, I felt at ease as I started going with the current of life. With this attitude, life became easier, calmer, and I lost my “black cloud” that had previously seemed to follow me.

The lesson was that life, nature, Mother Nature, God, Creator, etc was “with” us, not against us and together we could manifest the life we want. Just by being still. Just by listening. Just by letting go. Letting go to the current of life is the key to living.

I might have been late to get started, but timing seemed perfect and I have been attending classes and workshops ever since. Wanting a deeper connection with yoga, I completed my 200-hour certification through Pranakriya School of Healing Arts in 2018. I am also 1st degree Reiki Trained in Usui Tradition.

I believe yoga class doesn’t have to be a high impact, fast-paced, and/or high energy to be beneficial. In fact, I believe when life is already throwing that insanely fast pace in our faces, the yoga workout can become a work “IN” to be mindful; slowing down to the rhythm we all crave, but rarely give ourselves.

Some of us don’t even know how to be slow and deliberate in our actions and thoughts. Can this be the goal of our “practice?” And can we give ourselves the gift of quiet minds, authentic souls, and loving hearts especially towards ourselves which provides us the tools, then, to take it into the world for others?

I believe every small change can impact the world positively and I have personally experienced this change since yoga. Yoga is a way to connect with yourself, your class, and the world around you in ways you cannot do without yoga. Nothing compares to sharing yoga with like-minded people in a safe space. And yoga provides a safe space to breathe deeply, feel deeply, let go, and move the way you need to move. Not only that, but yoga gives tools to take into the world to provide a yoga state of mind anywhere, any place on an as-needed basis.

This is the gift my teachers gave me and I would love to give to my students. I have been on a lifelong journey to find myself and hope that I can lead others into the same path of finding themselves in the journey of yoga; on the mat and off.

I was proud to be part of the inaugural class at Renkon Studio. I fully embrace its philosophy that yoga is for EVERY body and look forward to sharing yoga with you and learning from you while leading classes at Renkon Studio.