Notes from Mother Nature

We’re all basically house plants with more complicated emotions.

The day before, this sweetie pie pictured above was limp with dust on its leaves way up on a high shelf that left it neglected from watering and too far from the sun.

It looked “sad” and hopeless. I actually wondered if it was too far gone to be revived?

Ten minutes of TLC looked like carrying it to a new spot next to my bathtub, gently wiping its leaves clean and over the course of the day giving it little sips of water.

One day later, it’s thriving. It literally *feels* full of life again.

How often, when we feel down and hopeless, do we forget the impact a tiny bit of TLC can have on our vitality?

🌱Take this sweet reminder from mother nature and prioritize the simplest actions on behalf of your well-being today:

✔️drink water
✔️get sunlight
✔️trust the process

whatever you’re doing today…
whatever you’re *not* doing today…
it’s enough.
you’re doing great.

As it becomes increasingly clear the response to COVID-19 is going to last much longer than originally estimated and the impact on our “norms” is irreversible, we encourage you to continually evaluate your priorities and values. While there are daily responsibilities that must be tended to, we encourage you to continually focus on what matters most: the health and well-being of you and those you love.

Sending love and peace,
Sarah + Brad