“No, for now”

There’s a statement a very wise woman once shared with me that goes something like…”no, for now”

If you’re a mama who follows me on Facebook as well as one who has attended one or both of my Sunday yoga offerings you might notice that my classes are no longer available on the Studio site or app.

I’ve been teaching Prenatal Yoga as well as Baby & Me Yoga for over a year and I love these practices and the folks they serve so very well. There’s been a struggle to get more engagement and sustained attendance and I think it has everything to do with it being really hard for expectant and postpartum folks to feel as if space in their lives, potentially away from other children, leaving others in charge is okay and even incredibly vital to take for your health and well being.

I taught MANY classes to just one mama, or just one mama and her baby and was privileged to do so. Every time I did a mama would say, “I’m sorry you had to show up just for me!” and I would tell her A.that it’s Renkon Yoga Studio policy that we hold space for even just one client which is what makes it a special and beautiful place where yoga isn’t a luxury or treat,it’s flowing in and out of each and every offering and B.That SHE showed up and that if SHE showed up for herself,I could certainly show up for her.❤️

I have also spent many Sunday’s now away from my people, turning down opportunities to connect and re-fill my cup and after a particularly difficult Sunday where I knew baby was home, definitely upset, Papa bear doing his very best for many hours, and with some exciting opportunities for Papa Bear on the near horizon where my energies will be needed on a higher level as caretaker once again as longer hours and interesting shifts are likely to rule our schedule…I decided that it was time to step away from teaching…no, for now.

Right now, I’m not totally sure what my yoga offerings will look like in the future. I know I want to deepen my practice through continued Ed and I know that the population I’d like to serve is still expectant and postpartum families,mamas in the thick of any and every season of motherhood. Maybe it will be a free pop-up/meetup/community practice where mamas come to connect, practice and breathe together. Maybe it will be a weekly studio space offering. Right now I just don’t know. But I do know that this morning, I woke up..and then went right back to sleep with nowhere to be, nothing to plan, and a baby nestled into me and my heart saying,”Yes, thank you for honoring this. You need needs this. Jo needs you rested. Papa bear needs your support.”

This afternoon if you planned on coming to yoga, I encourage you…TO STILL PRACTICE YOGA. In your home, in a space, wherever. I want to thank each and every mama who I have had the privilege of practicing alongside this past year and a half. You amaze me. You have brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes watching you mother in pregnancy and in the postpartum season. You have encouraged me. And some of you have become dear friends to me, thank you with every ounce of my being!

I’m slowly figuring out how it is I do the things I do and best serve the folks I serve. It has meant several iterations of business names, blog attempts, schedule changes, copious hours of continued education & networking, and so much energy and sometimes exhaustion! So this is just one no, for now….on the road to many yes’s, for right now! I can’t wait to share what’s cooking next, thank you to all the folks who follow our journey and show their virtual and real life support via comments, calls, and epic high fives and hugs. These are the good ole days, surrounded by friends and family, inspiration guiding the way, I’m convinced!