Buti Yoga – Get Curious

Stepping out of the comfort zone is scary.

Most of us have dreamt about it though.

Daydreaming about the what if’s is not enough. We should all step out and experience the unknown.

Buti Yoga was that for me a few years back.

I came across Buti Yoga through Pinterest. It was a short 11 minute workout. It was challenging, different, and fun.

I loved it so much I even daydreamed about what it would take to teach the format. However, I didn’t stick with Buti at the time, I was intimidated and had doubts.

Actually, 3 years later I went back to it. By then I was ready to let go of the what was stopping me from doing Buti.

As I continued my Buti practice, I noticed my dedication to getting on my mat. I also started to change physically and mentally.

I again started to daydream about the opportunity to share Buti Yoga with my community. Through the help of some friends’ encouragement, I took the leap and decided to sign up for certification.

I have attended live Buti classes a handful of times and have completed many online classes. I have led 25 classes of my own.

My most favorite and consistent thing about Buti is the welcoming and acceptance of the collective energy that shows up.

Although challenging, Buti Yoga is for EVERYONE! The practice is about showing up where you are – no judgement of yourself or anyone else in the room.

You may be scared and that’s okay.

Be curious too. Let your curiosity push you past your comfort zone. When the music starts pumping, you and your fellow classmates are in it together.

You will push your body, sweat, moan…you will be present.

The practice will challenge you to breakdown personal walls. You will find you are not alone and you will break down those self-imposed walls with the support in the room.

Without a doubt, if only for a brief moment in time, you will become part of a community with strangers. A community of people with different backgrounds, different perspectives, different goals and different reasons for showing up.

Yet in that time on your mat no matter your personal intention, you are in it together. I have experienced and witnessed the courage and sense of community in every Buti Yoga class I’ve attended or led.

I write this to say in conclusion:

Be curious, step in to the unknown, and let go of the reasons not to try something new. Be courageous and explore. You might find something great.