The times, they ain’t easy

The times, they ain’t easy (what an understatement), but there sure are spots of sweetness blessing us in between the worries.

The future is full of uncertainty. Even so, I hope none of us wait for this to be over to start living into the moments.

Between the hustle and hunkering down, the mask-making and e-learning, the work-from-home and the unemployment applications, the too-much-together and the longing for connection, the worry about the bills and keeping the pantry stocked, the memories of our lives being written.

Keep your eyes up so you can take it in.

Prioritize your mental health and that of those you love. Let go of productivity, tune in to what must be done, and make space for the beautiful moments wherever they arise.

Sending love and peace,
Brad + Sarah
Owners, Renkon Yoga Studio
Yoga for every body.
(Yes, even you!)