Calming image of stacked rocks in a forest setting

What if….

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, or know folks who do, for the purpose of improving themselves or learning a new skill.  And as we know, read, or learn via others, most of those resolutions are discarded well before the end of January. Many times the effort is too great, life gets in the way, we get distracted by others, or we simply don’t have time.

But what if you didn’t make a resolution?  Would the world end? Would the Cub or Cardinals win yet another World Series of Baseball?  Would you be shaken to your core in that you did something different?

What if….

  • You took a deep breath….. or 5
  • You complimented yourself instead of downgrading yourself when you look in the mirror
  • Turned off the radio on the way to work to be in silence
  • Turned off the TV and sat in silence at home
  • Put down the phone and listened to your partner, child, friend, coworker
  • Turned off your phone for 30 minutes
  • Journaled your thoughts, your wins or no so great moments of the day
  • Moved to simply move your body
  • Smiled instead of complain when something goes wrong
  • Nurtured your body with organic whole foods, rather than processed packaged food
  • Talked to someone in person, rather than via text or call
  • Took a walk instead of watching a show
  • Pause before responding

What if you took each day, hour, moment… and simply loved yourself?  Took care of yourself like you would your child or loved one?

What if you gave yourself the love you freely gave others?  

What if, instead of a New Year’s resolution to be greater, faster, skinnier, whatever it is….  You simply took each day, moment, instance….and loved yourself like you would a child? What if you actually did one, two, or all of those ideas above?  How would you present yourself to loved ones, friends, coworkers?

What if you gave yourself the greatest gift of presence to yourself….

Namaste and Happy New Year to our beloved Renkon Tribe!