What is wellness?

What is Wellness?

Wellness isn’t supposed to feel like suffering, depletion, and longing.

Wellness isn’t supposed to feel like self-loathing, criticism, and shame.

Wellness isn’t captured in the right sequence of numbers.

Wellness isn’t an impossible quest for an unattainable, photoshopped image of false perfection.

Wellness is supposed to be FOR you.

And it’s being used against you.

We want to help you change that.

We believe wellness means an improved quality of life that includes love and grace for yourself and others.

We believe wellness means increased vitality and aliveness so you can go and do and live and serve and experience the richness of the gift of life.

At Renkon, we believe physical wellness is one piece of the WELL-BEING trifecta; and that there’s no prerequisite or special knowledge or perfect set of pants in order to begin.

Our approach to well-being includes your body AND your mind and soul; WHOLE SELF WELL-BEING.

We are committed to offering yoga for every BODY and everybody.

We’re here to support you and make it easier than you’ve been lead to believe it has to be so you can be fully self empowered to start where you are and begin making space for well-being in your entire life.

Our weekly yoga practice lineup is here for you with a variety of offerings to literally help you start where you are, from Yoga for Beginners, a Gentle Yoga practice, a Restorative option, all the way up to a Warmed Vinyasa practice paired with a sick beat to get you going – we’ve got what you’re looking for.

To make it even easier to get started (and because we’re SO positive you’re going to love your experience in our space), we’re happy to gift you your first class at Renkon for FREE!

After that, you can enjoy our introductory offer of THIRTY DAYS of unlimited yoga for $30!! That way, you can sample our entire studio lineup, try all of our offerings, meet our teachers and find out exactly which classes are a must for your well-being lifestyle!

Invite a friend.
Invite a co-worker.
Invite your partner.
Invite your teen.

We are a community focused yoga studio rooted in the power of human connection and we are HERE FOR YOU!

Well-being is for everyone and we’re here to make it easier than ever for you to sustainably make space for it in your life!